About Us


Building on a proud tradition

Nearly a century ago, AirEase was founded in Columbus, Ohio, by Lennox Furnace Company—one of America’s leading manufacturing interests. Building on the Lennox tradition of excellence, AirEase was quickly established as a trusted source for affordable, high-quality heating and cooling. Today, our products are still proudly assembled in the United States under the Allied Air name.


Commitment to quality and efficiency

We assemble our long-lasting products in a state-of-the-art facility located in Orangeburg, South Carolina. Our approach to quality starts with a substantial investment in computer-controlled manufacturing systems, and it continues with comprehensive performance analysis. Every piece of equipment is 100% run tested before it leaves our facility. So you can relax knowing your AirEase™ product will deliver many years of trouble-free operation.

Our responsibility to the environment is also something we take very seriously, and our eco-friendly manufacturing processes are proof of this commitment. There are no volatile organic compounds in any lubrication or painting application. We use recycled materials when possible, we have many electric vehicles in our factories, and no wastewater is produced. Also, our air conditioners and heat pumps are designed for use with non-ozone-depleting R410a refrigerant.


Advanced possibilities in the making

At our headquarters and research and development facility in Lexington County, South Carolina, our focus is on continually improving our products and processes.

Inside our multimillion-dollar, 40,000-square-foot research space, our design engineers use cutting-edge technology to develop and test their ideas quickly and effectively. That means our products can go from concept, through approval, and into the market with minimal delay, helping us offer you the most advanced products and replacement parts.

Our People

Working to build better products, together

AirEase is proof that good people are at the heart of a vibrant and healthy manufacturing environment. We believe hiring the right people has a broad and positive ripple effect, resulting in higher product quality, greater product value and more reliable post-purchase support. In fact, we’ve based our entire business on getting the best talent and giving them the tools they need to thrive. Together, AirEase employees create products that are better for homeowners and the expert-trained dealers who install them.