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Choosing Your AirEase™ Dealer

Choosing your AirEase™ dealer

AirEase dealers are more than salespeople. They’re a direct reflection of the high standards of quality and service excellence our company is built upon.

Trained and experienced in handling all aspects of the heating and cooling business, an AirEase dealer is an expert you can count on to help you select the system that’s right for your home, your budget and your energy needs.

Here are some things you can expect from an AirEase dealer:

A list of references when asked

You’ll know you’re dealing with an established professional with a great reputation.

Recommendations that include ENERGY STAR® equipment

They want you to enjoy energy-conscious operation and a lower cost of ownership for the life of your system.

The proper permits, documents and memberships

They will hold all necessary licenses and qualifications to perform your installation. In addition, our dealers frequently belong to professional associations and participate in ongoing technical training to improve their skills.

A proper load calculation

One of the most important steps in an installation. Measuring beforehand ensures you’ll get a properly sized system, which will contribute to humidity control, longer system life and greater efficiency.

Measure and check ductwork, airflow and refrigerant

This attention to detail is important and will result in cleaner and healthier air, longer equipment life, greater safety and sustained efficiency.

NATE™ certified technicians

Perfect installations come from proper training. AirEase dealers know the value of sending the right person for the job every time.

Put it in writing

Dealers should present a proposal that includes pricing upfront and specific points of differentiation. You’ll also get an installation checklist with the specifics of all installed equipment to aid in future maintenance and service.

Owner’s documentation

You’ll have the warranty information and manuals you need as a new equipment owner.

Peace of mind

We’ll make sure you have access to scheduled maintenance and extended warranties to keep your system fully covered.

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