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Internet Selling Policy

Internet selling policy

An investment in heating and air-conditioning equipment is a decision you want to be sure about. When planning your purchase, the Internet can be a good source of information for product details and comparisons, but any site offering HVAC units for direct sale should be approached with caution. These sites require you to arrange for installation yourself and do not include any labor warranty coverage on your purchase.

Heating and air-conditioning systems, as well as indoor air quality equipment, should be installed by qualified experts only. Failure to properly install a system can cause performance issues or property damage, and that can affect your warranty coverage or, more important, your personal safety.

Systems can only work safely, like they’re supposed to, when they’re designed specifically for your home. These systems include electrical, gas, and refrigeration connections, which are regulated by a variety of laws, building codes, or guidelines. If government requirements are not met, you may be charged with significant fines.

We want you to feel good about your choice. That’s why we urge you to turn to a qualified dealer with all the appropriate licenses.

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