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Choosing a System

Choosing a system

Finding a heating and cooling system that’s built for your home is simple, as long as you know what it means in terms of system performance.

For higher efficiency, look for:

  • Products with efficiencies no less than:
    • 90% AFUE for furnaces
    • 15 SEER for air conditioners
    • 16 SEER and 9.50 HSPF for heat pumps
  • ENERGY STAR® qualification
  • Variable speed motors
  • Multi-stage operation
  • AHRI-matched systems

For more precise heating and cooling, look for:

  • Variable speed motors
    • Reduced hot and cold areas throughout the home
    • Improved year-round humidity control
    • Improved indoor air quality; better control of dust and other allergens because of constant air movement
    • Lowered monthly utility bills*
  • Multi-stage operation
    • Rather than being "all on" or "all off," your furnace can adjust its heat output based on conditions inside and outside your home.
    • Get two air conditioners in one—high-efficiency products with multi-stage compressors will run on the first stage of cooling when temperatures are mild. The equipment will use less energy more often.
    • When outdoor temperatures reach extremes, the equipment will utilize the additional stage, but will still operate efficiently because of the higher SEER rating.
    • Lower monthly utility bills*

For the quietest operation, select the following:


  • Products featuring Quiet Combustion technology
  • Small Btu inputs per burner
  • Gradual start-up to avoid whooshing air and ductwork “popping”
  • Insulated cabinets


  • Products with Sound Reduction Technology
  • Advanced fan blades
  • Heavy-duty sound blankets

Heat Pumps

For a longer product life and greater peace of mind, select the following:

  • AirEase EHX heat exchanger technology
    • Made of stainless steel for corrosion resistance and maximum strength against thermal fatigue
    • Longer heat exchanger life
    • Specially shaped surfaces to direct airflow more efficiently, and transfer heat more effectively
  • AirEase MHT™ cooling technology
    • Specially designed fan shroud for optimal air flow over the coil
    • Louvered coil fins with more surface exposure for greater heat transfer
    • Rifled refrigeration tubes

*Potential savings may vary depending on age and condition of equipment, personal lifestyle, system settings, equipment maintenance and installation of equipment and duct system.