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Growing your HVAC business can be a challenge when you’re responding to one customer call after another. AirEase can help you meet that challenge head-on with advanced, high-efficiency equipment that answers every customer need. Along with a complete range of products that are backed by more than 80 years of research and testing, we also support you with a whole team of experts dedicated to your success.

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Sell equipment that puts you in control

Experts know how to stay cool when customer demands are high. AirEase gives you that control with precisely engineered HVAC equipment that allows you to build the ideal solution for every home. Pro Series™ inverter-driven air conditioners and heat pumps are the best example. With the Pro Series, your customers get their environment, their way, every day. Nothing less. Then, there’s the even heating and cooling offered by MHT™ and EHX™ technology, and that’s just the beginning.

Spend less time and effort on every job

To make your life easier, AirEase designs every piece of equipment with Precision Service™ Technology. You’ll save time and effort with features like hinged access panels, quarter-turn latches, slide-out assemblies, 45-degree valves and corner-mount utility hookups.

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When you become an AirEase dealer, we’ll back you with the kind of service and support you deserve. We’ll make your job easier with paperless warranty claims, extensive training and the full support of two-step distribution. You’ll also have the dedicated focus of our entire team of experts, from the factory all the way down to your local distributorship. Every day, with every aspect of your business, we have your business needs covered.

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