Planning for your purchase

Planning for your purchase

When you’re thinking of buying new heating and cooling equipment, it’s a good idea to consider the operating cost over time. A high-efficiency system may have a higher initial price, but it can save you every month on your utility bills. Other factors to keep in mind are warranties, financing, and choosing the right dealer.

Upgrade for lower energy costs

An upgrade to a higher-efficiency heating and cooling system can significantly lower your monthly utility bills. Learn more about energy efficiency standards and how AirEase stacks up.

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How we meet ENERGY STAR® standards

When you see the ENERGY STAR® seal, you know you’ve found a quality product you can trust. See how we’ve built our products to meet ENERGY STAR standards.

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Warranties built for peace of mind

Every AirEase product is built for long-lasting performance and backed by a solid warranty, assuring you complete peace of mind.

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Purchasing made easy

The decision to buy a new heating and cooling product is a big one, which is why we’ve made it easier for you to purchase the system you want.

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Choosing the right expert

Every AirEase dealer is trained to expertly handle all your heating and cooling needs, but not all dealers in the industry offer the same level of service. When searching for the right dealer, there are many factors to consider.

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Where can you find pricing?

Looking for pricing on AirEase equipment featured on this website? Learn why we don’t publish pricing on the Internet.

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Internet selling policy

AirEase products are advanced pieces of equipment, and they should be sized specifically for your home. That’s why they’re sold exclusively through a dealer network, and are not available for sale online.

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