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Maintenance and Service

Get the most out of your equipment

Having an AirEase™ dealer do periodic checkups on your heating and cooling system can help keep it running at peak efficiency and extend equipment life. Regular maintenance can also help keep your air clean and fresh. Perhaps most important, it can help keep your warranty in effect.

AirEase dealers are an excellent resource for system inspections, and we encourage you to use their service expertise for your maintenance needs.

When to schedule preventive maintenance

If your system was registered for the extended warranty coverage or you purchased an extended service agreement from your dealer and your system...

  • Heats and cools your home, schedule regular maintenance in both the spring and fall.
  • Only cools your home, schedule maintenance once a year before summertime.
  • Only warms your home, schedule maintenance once a year before wintertime.

What to expect from a technician performing preventive maintenance

When an AirEase professional comes to your home for service or maintenance, he or she should offer the following services to help keep your system at its best.

  • Refrigerant charge
  • Fan motor cleaning & inspection
  • Coil cleaning
  • Blower cleanout
  • Clean the air conditioner coils
  • Check all major components and safety devices for heating and cooling systems

Ask your installing dealer about their maintenance agreement program for specifics.

Pre-Service Checklist

Before a visit from your professional AirEase dealer, it may help to review this list of questions. You could end up saving time and money.

  1. First, review our troubleshooting section to see if the problem is something you can handle without calling a serviceperson.
  2. Make a quick inventory list of where all the units in your system are located, including indoor unit, outdoor unit, circuit breaker, utility meter etc.
  3. Obtain the model numbers of all your cooling and heating units.
  4. Know basic information about your problem: what symptoms have been going on, what seems to trigger the problem, how long ago your problem began, etc.
  5. If evidence shows that your air conditioner or heat pump is frozen, switch it off prior to the technician’s arrival so it may be serviced properly.
  6. Be sure an adult, 18 or over, is able to legally allow entry into your house.
  7. Often technicians will confirm an appointment prior to arrival. Please have a phone easily accessible.
  8. If your house is rented, speak with your landlord in advance.
  9. If the unit is located in a closet or an attic, or is blocked by a piece of furniture, do your best to have the unit easily accessible to the dealer.
  10. You may need to make a payment to the dealer, so find out what method of payment is preferred.